About Us

DDEC Detroit Specialists was founded by Craig Woodcroft in 1992.

Craig Woodcroft

DDEC Detroit Specialists was founded by Craig Woodcroft in 1992.

Craig started work as a Detroit engine apprentice in 1977. Over the years he has specialised in all aspects of Detroit engines from mechanical to automotive applications.

He was involved in the first Series 60 Engine that was introduced to Australia which at that time was a prototype fitted to a vehicle at Simon transport – Toowoomba.

In addition, Craig fitted the first Wiring Harness to a Ford LTS in Melbourne. He also fitted the first wiring harness to a Ford LTL in Eagle Farm, Brisbane and the first Series 60 engine to a Mack CLR in Brisbane.

Craig was also involved in fitting a Detroit Electronic engine to EIMCO Cane Locomotive in Sydney and Fairymead Sugar Mill in Bundaberg.

Craig has attended numerous courses for Electronic Engines over the years, but his greatest experience has come from the hands on approach that he has always adopted. His knowledge is widespread from the 2 stroke GM engine to the latest DDEC engines.

Craig is able to diagnose problems quickly, and it is this knowledge that he has passed on to his staff at DDEC. He has always emphasized the importance of listening to the person who is behind the wheel, which helps in diagnosing problems in the engine.

Craig is always approachable and willing to assist his customers in any way he can. He has a great personality and has an amazing mind for facts and figures. He is well respected and liked by all who know him. Craig’s knowledge and commitment is respected Australia wide.

Brendan Woodcroft – Workshop Manager

Brendan of course has diesel in his blood passed on by Craig.  Brendan started working around the workshop long before he officially started his apprenticeship with the company.  Brendan has learnt all aspects of Detroit Diesel engines and wiring, from the 92 Series up to the latest S60, DD13, DD15 and EGR engines. Brendan also spent time in the Service Vehicle attending breakdowns.  He spent 8 months working for Brown and Hurley to expand his knowledge base which is benficial to DDEC and its customers.

Other Staff

Nathan Mann started his mechanical career with DDEC.   He is a quick learner and goes about his work efficiently and quickly using all of his skills.  He often mans our breakdown unit and is able to diagnose problems and find solutions.  Nathan is highly valued and his work is outstanding.

Our staff in rounded out by storeperson, Yvonne, and administration manager, Anne, who are dedicated members of the team working to keep the wheels moving smoothly for the workshop.